Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Have A Winner!!!

 Post number #60 is our winner. Congratulations Laurie.

 Laurie in IowaMarch 13, 2013 at 2:01 PM
That's a beautiful sewing box! Love your new fabric line... those blues are calling my name.

Laurie please e-mail your address to me at Many thanks to all of you who participated in the contest! Wish you all could have won.

It's so cold and wet here today. We are having a snow, rain and with some kind of sleet event mixed in for fun. (Sounds great doesn't it?) Mother Nature can't decide what to send us. I'm just ready for a bit of warmth like we had on Thursday. It was 80 degrees and sunny. Of course after our heat and drought last summer I should welcome all the moisture that comes our way.

I've been taking clippings of my herbs and putting them in a bit of water. Hoping they take root and I can add them to my garden. 

This rosemary is ready to be planted. I'm amazed at how quickly the roots began to grow.

My two sons have another way to welcome spring. 

Congratulations cute guys! (I'm sticking with rosemary and leaving the half-marathon to them!)

And guess what? Two of our bee hives are buzzing. The ladies out back are ready for a bit of sunshine, warmth and bloom too!

Until later,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back From Market and New Fabric

     Barb and I are back from cross stitch market which was held in Nashville. Our new fabric line arrived while we were gone. Nothing better than getting home and opening large boxes and seeing yards of new fabric waiting to be sewn into something fun!

     As many cross stitch shop owners don't go to quilt market I'm giving you a sneak peek here on the blog. The prints are grouped in the basket above to give an idea of the color range. 

     The quilt under the plate shows a tiny bit of our large scale cross stitch print. It comes in several color ways. We love how it turned's just wonderful!  The three fabrics on the plate and the small hearts showcase some of our other prints. The name of this line is "Nature's Basket."

     Cross stitch market was a lot of fun. We loved seeing the shop owners and having a chance to visit....although a very short visit, much fun nevertheless!. We always leave wishing market was a bit longer.

     One of my favorite patterns from market was Barb's Honeybee Hill. The bees buzzing and the birds singing really capture an ideal summer day. The sewing box was made by Stephanie Elmer. She has a woodworking shop and has made these boxes as gifts for friends for years. She recently was convinced to turn this passion into a business venture. These boxes come in several colors and different sizes too. Her contact information is located inside the pattern. We took 20 boxes to market to sell to shop owners....they were gone in an hour!

     Here's the deal.....I've got one box to give away. You all know how this works. Leave a message in the comment section. I will use the random number generator to find a winner. The contest will end on Friday and the winner will be announced on Saturday.
Good luck to all! Hope you win.

Until later,