Friday, December 21, 2012

A Bit of Holiday Cheer!

I've learned something this holiday season as I'm running through the house frantically trying to get everything done. Waiting until the last minute and skating to the finish line isn't working for me anymore. My energy level just isn't what it used to be.

Part of the problem was thinking that wrapping  the heavy wire tree with yarn would be a breeze. The tree ate up about a week of my spare time to complete! "Wrapping 101" is a bit harder than I thought.

But I love it! I collected these celluloid ornaments on e-bay two weeks ago. The simple look of the menagerie of animals appeals to me. The donkey is pressed cardboard but I added him to the collection as I loved his sweet look.

The snowflakes are laser cut wood.

I have a bit more to go before I'm ready, but at least this tree is done!

Wishing you peace and happiness!


Friday, December 14, 2012


We have a winner! Carol you have won all of the fabric swatches shown in the last post.
e-mail me at with your address.

#229 Carol said...
So good to see you back on your blog. You have been missed.

The fabrics and the new quilts look wonderful. Happy to be included in the drawing. Hope I win!
December 12, 2012 11:16 PM

I've been working on our new web-site with our designer today. Hopefully we will have a new site open soon. Not to worry. When we make the change I will be sure to let you know in advance where to find us.

 Remember this tree? I blogged about it in 2010 around Christmas time. (December 7th to be exact)
Debbie Dusenberry, the creative force behind Curious Sofa wrapped a wire tree with yarn. She no longer has a store front, but has a blog and web-based store. Check out her blog site. She has more pictures of this wonderful tree. She shows the black heavy-wire tree decorated and the wrapped one too. Too cute for words.

Two years ago I purchased the bare wire tree from Debbie and got the yarn to wrap the branches. It has sat in my studio for 2 years. I finally was inspired to begin this project and have been wrapping the tree a couple of hours each day for about a week. (Dave's been watching me from the sofa.I need to pull a "Tom Sawyer" and figure out how to get him wrapping too.) It has take a bit longer than I expected. As I wrap each branch I wish I had purchased Debbie's when I had a chance! Will show progress on the tree soon.

Until later,


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A bit of holiday cheer

Thought today would be good to do what I originally intended after fall quilt market.
Moda fabrics makes up these sweet fabric packs for the designers to distribute during quilt market. I asked some of the designers if I could have a sample of their fabric to give away on this blog site. They were all very willing to share. Below are the ones I was able to collect.

 Leave your name and a comment and you could win these cute candy packs of fabric.
There is only one winner. Contest will be over tomorrow around noon.

The above picture is of our booth at fall Quilt Market. Barb took this with her iphone and it's not really a good shot ....but it gives you an idea of the quilts that will be coming out in our next book. We were planning to release the book this December but our plans have changed. The Kansas City Star will be printing this one for us and we are looking at a March release. Barb's quilt is on the left wall and mine is on the right. Same pattern ...just two color ways, showing what a difference a color palette can make. Mine uses our fabric line from Cinnamon Spice and Barb's uses a tan floral print from Cinnamon Spice (shown below) and a mixture of other prints for the flowers and leaves. Her leaves are shades of dark green....I know they look black in the above picture but they aren't. I will try and get a close-up for you tomorrow.


Until later!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012 update!

I'm sorry my lack of presence on this site. I wish I had a great excuse. I really meant to post right after quilt market in November....but the month just flew by!  To top it off....Christmas is almost here. There is quite a bit of prep work needed for this holiday. Luckily there are plenty of sweet memories of Thanksgiving to carry me through the hustle and bustle of the season. The good thing about Christmas is it always comes whether we're ready or not.

Here's a glimpse of our fourth and last Loose Feather pattern for the year 2012. It should be in your stores around Christmas time.

Look for a free pattern soon....there was one we made for the booklet but due to lack of space we couldn't include it. Barb and I decided to offer it on the blog as a free pattern.

Our web-site is getting a makeover. Hopefully there will be something to show there soon!

Until later,