Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cross - Stitch & Needlework

July's issue of Cross - Stitch & Needlework magazine features a Blackbird pattern.

They added pictures of some of our other projects in the magazine too. Check it out at your local cross stitch shop.

I used a frame from Sharon Crescent's Family Tree Frames. Adding handles and a glass cover transforms this frame into a sewing tray.

Joan from stitchingsquad.blogspot.com has already finished the project and she writes,
"Just wanted to send you a picture of "Land of the Free" that I stitched from the latest issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine that you designed. I so enjoyed stitching it. I changed up the threads since I didn't have all of the Belle Soie. I just used Sampler and Weeks that I had in my stash."

Love the colors Joan!

I've not posted much....but will get back into the swing of things soon. I promise. Just finished biking the Peddler's Jamboree. The ride was on the Katy Trail. We traveled from Columbia, Missouri to Boonville, and then back again. I'm going to do it again next year....it was a great ride. Beautiful weather and scenery. We should all pledge to ride the trail together and have a stitch-along-the-way. After riding about 34 miles, you're ready to get out your needles and stitch and rest a bit!

Until later!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Yikes! It's been over a month since my last post. Wish I had a great excuse. I only have Cynthia to blame. She looks innocent enough right? But she's been calling me with her great plans for our time. The first call was for cheese. "Do you want to take a cheese making class?" she asks.

"You bet!" I reply.

Cnythia's holding the mozzarella we made in class.

Our instructor is salting some fresh mozzarella after slicing. It's unbelievably easy to make. Cheese seemed like such a mystery to me before this class, but no more thanks to Cynthia!

Here's the feta cheese. We are cutting the curds into squares.

This is fresh ricotta cheese....and is it tasty? Yes, it puts the store brands to shame.

Our instructor Jeannette cooking up ricotta cheese.

I've got Dave out by our back barn, working on the goat pens now. Our instructor, Jeannette has three kids she calls "The Teenies" ready to go to a new home. I've got plans to throw them in the back of my van and bring them home. Dave needs a new project. Might get Cynthia's husband to help with the goats too. (Just kidding.....I think I really will go and buy goat milk from Jeannette and call it a day.)

Next Cynthia calls with another new plan. "Want to do a 60 mile bike ride?"

"You bet!" I reply. So, I'm in training. We are going to ride from Columbia to Booneville on the Katy trail May 28th. It's 30 miles there and you get to stop along the way and listen to music. Sounds relaxing and fun!

We will spend the night in Booneville and travel back to Columbia the next day. I'm riding my bike frequently to build up some muscles. I'm trying to make the trip seem more manageable. I only have to do 3 miles 10 times, or 6 miles 5 times, or 15 miles twice and then repeat it the next day. I can't decide which sounds the easiest. My thighs are screaming as I'm out of shape.

Dave and I are leaving for NYC tomorrow. Our son Jeff is graduating from NYU. He got his PhD in physics and we want to see him walk the walk. Sadly our relationship with our son will be on a more formal level as Jeff told us we now have to call him Dr. Allen. So....long story short. I will be back to the blog in about a week.

Below are some stunning finishes for your viewing pleasure!

Katrina writes, "What a fun, fun, fabulous piece. I have loved every minute of stitching it and adding all the personalization. I am hoping in the future you do a similar project. I so enjoyed the mystery aspect of it and watching it develop. There are lots more pictures on my blog too. Thank you so much!" To see more visit her blog at http://theneedlespromise.blogspot.com/

Visit Siobhán at Blue Hen Hollow and see more pictures of her finish shown above and below.

Siobhán writes, "I finished my Anniversaries of the Heart this weekend. I enjoyed figuring out my personalizations, which family members I would honor in the blocks, and the many memories woven with each strand of thread as I stitched their names or initials. I used the suggested overdyed cotton threads on 40 ct Examplar by Lakeside Linens. Thanks for such a wonderful design!

Giovanna writes, "I just wanted to thank you so much for publishing A Stitcher's Journey - such a wonderful book! Since receiving my copy I've made two of the pincushions charted in it, which you can see in the attached photos.

I used the charted threads, and buttons from my late grandmother's sewing box, for Tulip P. For Summer Stars, I dug into my stash for leftovers (the threads are WDW confederate gray, whisky, stone, guacamole, and red pear): it's the perfect little design with which to experiment, and I'll probably stitch it again and again. I also have the supplies to stitch some of the larger designs, and am now waiting to have more of that crucial ingredient: time, lol. That always seems to be in short supply, sigh...

Thanks again for your lovely designs, and cheers from Italy."

Pictured below are her pieces.

Cindy sent the pieces pictured below.

She writes, "Attached you will find pictures of my recent Blackbird Designs finishes. I would like to thank you and Barb for creating such beautiful designs. I absolutely adore stitching them, and have been collecting all of them that I can. I hope you both like what I have done!"
Visit Cindy's blog site at http://archangeldecker.blogspot.com/

Until later dear friends!