Monday, June 29, 2009

The Quilt Instructions

Where does time go? I swear....time really does fly. Barb and I taught two classes on Saturday. (Very fun group of ladies I might add!) Then yesterday the weather was only 89 degrees and the humidity was I did yard work. My gardens are in full bloom and some of them are full of weeds. So I spent the day getting rid of weeds...

But today we are going to begin the pattern I promised last week.

Start with 2 jelly rolls and add 10 yds. of a cream or any light print you would like to use.
I know that 10 yards seems like a lot....but Barb says the ruffle alone takes 3 1/2 yds.

The jelly rolls are 2 1/2" wide. You will need to cut the fabrics into 2 1/2" squares.
The following pictures show the method Barb used to sew half-square-triangles. (You don't really need a plate for this either.)

Draw a diagonal line down the center of one of the squares. You could fold the fabric in half and use the crease line if you would rather.

Sew a seam along the drawn line....or down the crease if you folded the square in half.

Trim, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

Press the unit open. The result is one half-square-triangle unit. (You will need a lot of these for this quilt.)

There is a total of 64 pieced blocks.
Cut 57 - 8 1/2” squares from the cream fabric for your alternating block.
The cream fabric is also cut into 2 1/2" squares for the pieced blocks. You need 12 of the 2 1/2" cream squares for each block. 4 of the squares are saved for the corners of each block.
Here is a close up of one of the blocks to give you an idea.

The bias ruffle is cut into 8 1/2’’ strips.

I hate to leave before I finish this post....but I have a meeting and I can't be late. I know you can't finish this quilt in one evening anyway. I will be a bit more clear tomorrow! (Well....maybe not....but I will try!) Get your fabric and begin making the half-square triangles.

Until tomorrow!


Friday, June 26, 2009


Another post for the day....

Could someone let me know if the translator I attached to this site works? I can't get it to work and I'm wondering if I've done something wrong. For those of you "in the know" is this the right one? If there is a better one to use please let me know.

I know how much I appreciate the translator service on blogs! I want this one to be easy for everyone to read.

thank you for your help!


Preview of New Patterns

The new stocking patterns are at the printer. They will be shipped out to the distributor next in 2 weeks the shops should have these.

June’s stockings celebrate family. The Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern is perfect for the Here Comes the Bride Stocking.We all know you don’t find babies under a cabbage leaf; the stork brings them! Stitch the New Arrival Stocking with the baby’s birth date and initials.The Honeysuckle Vine Stocking recalls the sweet aroma of a lazy summer day. Surprise someone with an extra treat and tuck a stocking into the bow as you wrap your gifts.

July’s stockings have a patriotic theme. Our beautiful Stars and Stripes wave proudly in the breeze in the Fourth of July Stocking.
The Bountiful Stars Stocking is a reflection of a traditional quilt pattern and will be a quick and easy project to stitch. All those stars remind us of fireworks that brilliantly light up the sky.
You’ll have a bouquet that will never wilt when you stitch our Summer Roses Stocking. This little project celebrates the lush blooms that grace our gardens.

Silvia from Italy sent a picture of her finished project and I thought you would like to see how she finished it. She wrote, "I love the Blackbird style. Thank you for the free pattern. I'm sending a picture even though the contest is over. Visit my blog to see more pictures."

She covered this box with fabric that she overdyed. It gives the box a great vintage look. I think Silvia needs to give us a class on covering a box with fabric!

Bindy from Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach, VA sent this picture of their stocking tree. The sweet flowers inside each stocking are a nice added touch!

This stocking is also from Bindy. Great idea to make it into a necklace!

Until later dear friends!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's All In The Packaging

I know I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I can't resist. Do I need these small lace coasters? No...but just the fact that Claudia from Peacock Collection Antiques added this cute button to the package made it irresistable. (I'm sure there is a 12 step program for me somewhere...but I just can't make myself go!)

I can hear you almost whispering, "My God, how many did she buy and do we have to view each one of them?" Well....dear reader....I will spare you. But I will confess I did buy quite a few of these cute creations.

I love the combinations that Claudia chose for each package. You can e-mail her at if you have to have some of these too!

Today I've been going through some of my mom's letters. I'm sorting and scanning them so all in the family can have copies. I found one letter that my Grandfather sent to my Mom and Dad when I was about 7 months old.

Just to have a copy of his handwriting and to hear his humor again was wonderful. He still makes me laugh out loud again all of these years later! I miss him and wish I was back in his garden watching him dig potatoes.

I told you that we would be posting a quilt pattern this week....Well here is the picture.

Barb gave me the quilt last night and sent the instructions via e-mail....I just have to get them into the right format and post them here. This quilt takes 2 jelly rolls of your favorite fabric (We used Beach House by Blackbird Designs for Moda fabrics.) and 10 yds. of a light print or solid. This quilt was shown in Houston Quilt Market last fall. We have delayed our quilt book but we thought this pattern should be released now. The ruffle Barb used for the binding is a sweet finish to this quilt. Look for the quilt pattern here in a couple of days.

Until later!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Two color quilts are so graphic! I forget sometimes how much I really like these. Doesn't this one look just right for a summer bed? Simple, yet very lovely. This quilt is available from Silver Creek Acres. Faith's number is listed in yesterday's post.

At the end of the day ...this cute guy was loading up these vintage linens trying to protect them from the rain that was on its way. Even after a long day, he graciously agreed to let me photograph him.

Wicker and baskets...don't you love both? I thought the chair color was great.

The next pictures are from Peacock Collection Antiques. Claudia Bibber can be reached at

I made several visits to her booth. I love the way she packages her old lace and patterns. I will photograph several I purchased from her and show tomorrow. She let me photograph her booth...but was really sad that I was there at the end of the day and not the beginning....because everyone had torn through her displays. My pictures certainly don't do this place justice....and I apologize Claudia....but there was great stuff here. Lace, old patterns and fabric, buttons, sewing boxes and name it, Claudia had it!

Now she's really going to hate me, but I have to include this picture too. She's a beautiful woman with great talent...and I'm a sucker for the method she uses to package her items. I asked her if she will be here next year...and she said yes ....but only if they give her an inside booth. She drove from California and set up everything by herself. With the rain problems she was exhausted from moving everything back and forth. Thank you Claudia! Your booth was worth the effort.

These sweet chairs and benches were in Susan Miller's booth. She says she is really a farmer. She's from Wellsburg, IA and works with her dad. You can reach her at 641-869-3383. She purchased these chairs and benches from a estate of a music teacher. These were for the 2 -3 year old children. You can almost hear their singing voices as you stand in front of the display. Susan said one woman told her she would like to hang all of the chairs on a wall and place the benches below them. The blue and green colors, repetition of object and arrangement of the display made it a winner.

Until later!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Update from Walnut, Iowa

Well.....all I can say is it was wonderful. The entire main street of the town is closed down for the event. Vendors line up on both sides of the street, park their vans, trailers and campers and set up shop.

It rained two times during the weekend. But the vendors braved the weather and opened up again after each rain. Some of the vendors camp right there on the main street. The side streets are filled up as well as the street parallel to main street. If that's not enough for you, the school and VFW buildings are full too. I literally walked until I thought I would drop....and then went back for pictures.
Walnut is about 50 miles east of Council Bluffs, IA. If antiques aren't what you are looking for the town provides picturesque homes to view, lots of food to eat (provided by all of the town churches) and plenty of small town hospitality. This is their 28th year. So circle the date on your calendar for next year.

You know why we love our's so graphic. And Faith knows how to display it proudly.
The above shots are taken of Silver Creek Acres' booth. Faith Lukianenko is from Grand Junction, MI and they are having a Barn Sale July 4, 5 and 6th. (269-427-8761) if you need more information. She and her husband worked hard to get this booth set up and she has a flare for getting everything arranged well. Sadly, the small sampler in the picture didn't come home with me......(small sob......)

Barb of Simply Iowa a wonderful booth.
Don't you just love heart cookie cutters? I have a collection of them....but now I'm wishing I would have gotten some of these sweet ones.

Great way to display old lace!

Barb has a real talent for the tomato pincushions in this basket.

You can never have too many of these crochet balls of thread around. Aren't they great in this ironstone bowl?

Vintage frogs ready to hold all of your flowers in place. They were just too sweet on this table.

These celery glasses are perfect for holding silver. They would be great on a buffet table. Now I'm in agony....why didn't I get these? I drove my van and certainly had room for them!!!

Tomorrow....two more booths to show. I have to get busy and finish up the July Stocking pattern. June and July have to go to the printer today or I will be in trouble.
Until tomorrow dear ones!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Walnut Iowa

I've got my walking shoes packed. I'm leaving today for a very short trip to Walnut, Iowa. My friend Flona is from the Walnut area and she has invited Linda, Barb and myself to come and experience the Walnut Antique Show. Flona's sister lives there and has a rental house available for us. We have to take blow-up mattresses, pillows and our towels. (Like camping inside)
But wooohooo!!! Sounds like fun.

I wish Barb would go...but she thinks she should stay home and get caught up on some things. I'm thinking about the "bucket list" know where you make the list of all the things you want to do before you die. Not that Barb and I have any plans on that front....but we've always talked about going to the Walnut Antique show and here is a chance to go with fun friends. And 300 doesn't get much better than that.

Quick list of what we have in the works:

1. June and July stocking patterns will be released in two weeks. I'm working on photography and patterns. They will be turned into the printer on Monday.

2. We are going to release a free quilt pattern on-line. I'm working on the will be released the end of next week. Look for it then.

3. We are working on a Halloween Stocking book. It will have 13 stockings for spooky fun! It will be released mid-July. Just in time for you to stitch.

4. We have postponed the quilt book release until fall. We are going to add the quilts planned for the summer release to the fall book and then add more to make it a stronger publication....(that's the reason for the free quilt pattern on the blog site.)

5. Harvest my lavender...take a look on the picture above. The white lavender is in full bloom around here. I want to dry some of it.

Will post more probably Sunday. I know you will want to see some pictures of the antique show. Hope to see you there!

Until later dear friends!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Work

Well....we are back to work. No sand and sun for Barb and me today. We've had lots of rain. My grass is growing and everything here is GREEN.
We got back late Sunday night. As Barb drove I stitched on my Beatrix Potter sampler. (You can see a finished one done by Siobhan if you click on the sampler name.) I was able to get about 4 motifs done in the car. It's starting to look like I might just finish this sampler in my lifetime. Click here for a SAL. (They are full ...but it's still fun to look at everyone's work.)
As we drove through St. Louis I happened to look up and noticed that we were on Hwy. 21. I said, "Barb I think we need Hwy 64 not 21."
Barb replied, "Well, this is a short cut."
"Are you that familiar with this area of St. Louis?" I asked.
"Oh, yes." replied Barb.
As we turned into the parking area of an Antique Mall I realized what kind of "short cut" she meant. (She's a very bad girl!!!) Two hours later we were back on the "right" road. I can't take my eyes off the road if she's driving.

We have shipped out the next Loose feather pattern to the distributors. Thought you might want a sneak peak of the cover. It will be in your local shop sometime in the next two weeks.

Also I need to let you know about a correction needed on our May Stocking pattern.
The Lily of the Valley needs a color correction.
I have reversed the symbols for Snowball and Shaker White.
Snowball should be an open circle.
Shaker White should be a solid half circle.
When you look at the picture of the stocking you will note that the darker color (Shaker White) is on the bottom portion of the small bell flower. The lighter color will be on top of the small bell flower. The random motifs in the stocking are the lighter Snowball color too.

I'm very sorry for the error! We missed this one in the proofing of the pattern.

Until Later!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Beach Time

We took a bit of time to run to Pensacola, FL. on Tuesday. We met Kathy Rees at Nashville Cross stitch market and she told us about her shop. We thought...great time to visit and also get a cross stitch "fix". Her shop is only about 40 miles from Gulf Shores, AL. Not far and a lovely drive along the beach. Kathy and Tonia Wilson were working and we were welcomed into, Needle Delights. with Southern hospitality. Click on the shop name for their web-site link. Kathy has some of her own designs too and you will want to check them out.

While shopping at Needle Delights Barb found a Stacy Nash pattern and thought it would make a quick stitch that we could use to celebrate our beach house stay. Here are the samplers we stitched. We used linen and thread we had on hand. Barb chose 30 ct. Lucky Penny by R. & R. Reproductions and mine is on 36 ct. Navy Bean by Lakeside linens.

Here is a picture of our Stitching Room at the beach. I told hot as it was in the afternoon it felt a bit more like a sweat shop! The neighbors wondered what we were up to also. Two mad women sewing like crazy.

Here is something sweet for you from us! I found these cups at an antique mall in Milton, FL. The Copper Possum...the booths were clean and well arranged. Looked like the people loved their booths and took really good care of them.

So grab your cute cup and saucers.....
Get a brownie mix...I used Ghirardelli
Follow the directions for making the brownie dough...I did substitute 1/3 cup butter for the vegetable oil....I'm a real health food nut.
Add some chopped pecans
Put the dough into a tupperware dish...spoon out a bit for each cup. Save the rest of the dough for 15 minutes later when you will want to make more. It will refrigerate just fine and be great later.

Bake at about 335 degrees until the dough looks about done....I didn't want to get the oven too hot because I wasn't sure how the cups would do in the oven.

Add a scoop of ice cream....and eat while the brownie is hot....Believe me this is one recipe you will enjoy.....easy ....quick .....not too large....a bit of easy summer for you to enjoy on your porch! (Barb was really sad when I made this at 10:00am...we then had to eat it....couldn't let it go to waste....well it went to my "waist" nevertheless.)

Wish you were all here with us. We couldn't ask for nicer readers! We love your kind and funny

Hey Polly...the wire candle holders are from Curious Sofa. Google the shop on-line. I would look up the link...but would loose my blog info. Not sure how to open another window on Barb's laptop..The shop is in Kansas City, MO. One of my favorite places! I know she would be glad to send you some candleholders.
Until later!